Your BLEST Life Now

Your BLEST Life Now

#Blessed has become synonymous with material wealth and personal wellbeing. Even the sincerest believer will describe financial security, health, and a good reputation as “a blessing.” But Jesus’ definition of blessings and curses are very different from what people describe as blessings today. Join us for part two of How to be Human as we explore Jesus’ counterintuitive instructions for living our blest life now and later.

Passage (read it):

Principles (know them):

To live your BLEST life now, Jesus taught that you’ll need to . . .

  • reverse your perspective
  • reverse your timing
  • reverse your priorities

Practices (do them):

Add more Whoa! to avoid the Woe! (Identify where your life needs a course reversal.)

Daily Readings:

This week’s readings focus on passages written by Luke that describe how God’s Kingdom often reverses the normal order of this world. As you read each passage identify the reversals and ask God to show you how each reversal might apply to you and God’s plan for you, your family, and His church.

Day 1: Luke 1
Day 2: Luke 7
Day 3: Luke 14
Day 4: Luke 15
Day 5: Luke 16
Day 6: Acts 10
Day 7: Acts 17

Suggested Resources:


The Story Luke Tells, by Justo L. González
The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning
The Kingdom of God, by Martin Lloyd-Jones

Sermons at

Break Out (2018)