With Friends Like These

With Friends Like These

If Jesus was a friend of sinners, then it stands to reason that people who follow Jesus should be friends of sinners, too. But how, exactly do we do that? Join us for part three of Jesus, Friend of Sinners as we see how four of Jesus’ earliest followers modeled the kind of friendship that can changes sinner into saints.

Passage (read it):

Principles (know them):

Friends of sinners . . .

. . . genuinely care.
. . . take action.
. . . overcome religious obstacles.
. . . demonstrate faith.
. . . trust Jesus with the outcome.

Practices (do them):

Answer these questions:

  1. Who’s act of faith led you to Jesus?
  2. Who do you know that is suffering and far from God?
  3. How might God use your faith to bring that person to Jesus?

Pray: Ask God to break your heart for someone who needs Him.


  1. Read Reunion by Bruxy Cavey
  2. Attend “Sharing the Gospel in 30 Words” – beginning this week from 6:30-7:45 p.m.

Daily Readings:

This week’s daily readings focus on how Jesus’ earliest followers shared their faith. As you read each passage, pay special attention to how the disciples told others about Jesus and salvation. How is this the same or different from your idea of sharing your faith?

Day 1: John 1
Day 2: Matthew 28
Day 3: Acts 1 & 2
Day 4: Acts 3-4
Day 5: Acts 8
Day 6: Acts 10
Day 7:  Acts 16

Suggested Resources:


Reunion, by Bruxy Cavey
The End of Religion, by Bruxy Cavey

Sermons at ssbc.org:

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