The Cost of Discipleship

The Cost of Discipleship

Just because someone gives you a free piano does not mean that you will ever learn to play it. The free piano is a gift, the cost of becoming a pianist is hours and hours of practice. Salvation is the free gift of God, but like learning to play the piano, discipleship takes time and effort. Many Christians have failed to experience the full and abundant life of Jesus because, while they have received the gift of salvation, they have failed to pay the price of following Him. Join us for week two of Fully Devoted where we will explore the cost of following Jesus.


Luke 8:16-21 and Luke 14:25-35


Salvation is free; discipleship is costly.


Count the cost of following Jesus and make a deliberate plan.

What will you put down?

What will you take up?

Daily Readings:

Day 1: Luke 8
Day 2: Luke 9
Day 3: Luke 14
Day 4: Mark 12
Day 5: John 14
Day 6: John 15
Day 7: John 16

Suggested Resources:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, by Peter Scazzero
Your Future Self Will Thank You, by Drew Dyck
Eat This Book, by Eugene Peterson
Invitation to a Journey, by Robert Mullholland, Jr.
The Unhurried Life, by Alan Fadling
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by John Mark Comer