The Convenience Malfeasance

The Convenience Malfeasance

Westerners are addicted to “quick and convenient.” We don’t like to wait and we don’t want to expend any extraneous effort or money unless it will make our life more comfortable, and yes, convenient! The Bible is a record of people whose lives were interrupted by God. While the stories are all different, one thing they have in common is how inconvenient it was for these men and women to do what God asked them to do. In fact, everyone who answers God’s call must first be willing to breakout of their comfortable and convenient lives. In part two of Breakout, Pastor Gary Webber will explore the story of one man who went way out of his way to follow God.

If we are going to follow Jesus, we must breakout of our prison of convenience and comfort

A spiritual BREAKOUT will be . . .

Go out of my way (Acts 8:26)

Get out of my comfort zone (Acts 8:27-35)

Know that it is out of my control (Acts 8:36-40)

Daily Readings:

Day 1: Acts 8:1-25
Day 2: Acts 8:26-40
Day 3: Genesis 12:1-9 & 22:1-14
Day 4: Exodus 3-4
Day 5: Esther 2-4
Day 6: John 1:35-51 & Luke 5:1-11