Have you ever received news so good you felt like you would explode? If your life had been a musical, you would have burst into song! If so, you have also likely had the opposite experience. Times when the burdens of life seemed so heavy that you were desperate for someone else to help carry the load. Times when the song in the musical of your life would have been in a minor key. Many of the Psalms are testimonies of joy and sadness, hope and despair. Authentic worshippers do not try to hide their thoughts and feelings from God, but neither do they accept their feelings as ultimate truth. Instead, they lay them all before God and invite Him to speak truth and healing into their hearts. Join us for the third installment of our Summer Psalms Mixtape series and discover the powerful worship of personal story. 

Passages (READ THEM):

  1. Psalm 40
  2. Psalm 34 (small group conversation)

Principles (KNOW THEM):

The Inspiration for our Testimony

  • How has God delivered you?

The Purpose of our Testimony

  • Are you bringing God the sacrifice of your praise?

The Result of our Testimony

  • Testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the past gives us assurance in our present trials.

Practices (DO THEM):

Share a 30 second testimony of God’s faithfulness:

  1. What was your need?
  2. How did God respond?
  3. What can we learn about God from your experience?

Daily Readings:

Sunday: Psalm 18
Monday: Psalm 30
Tuesday: Psalm 34
Wednesday: Psalm 40
Thursday: Psalm 66
Friday: Psalm 106
Saturday: Psalm 116