Nothing makes us aware of the power of temptation more than a determination to avoid temptation. Start a diet and suddenly everything not on your diet becomes a temptation. Make the decision to stop a habit or abstain from something and suddenly the thing that you are trying to avoid has a power that it didn’t seem to have before. Join us for part four of Inception where we learn from Jesus that every temptation is an invitation for transformation.  

Passage (read it):

Principles (know them):

Temptation is an invitation to a transformation.

  • The source of temptation: Satan
  • The nature of temptation: provision, identity, power
  • Our response to temptation: Know the word of God and be led by the Spirit of God.

Practices (do them):

Know the word of God and be led by the Spirit of God.

  • What is your greatest temptation?
  • How is that temptation an invitation to be transformed?
  • Where are you no longer aware of a temptation?

Daily Readings:

We often make two mistakes related to Satan; we ignore him assuming he is a myth, or we give him too much attention assuming his power is greater than it is. C.S. Lewis says Satan is happy with either mistake. This week’s readings are about Satan. As you read, try to understand his strategies and his limitations.

Day 1: Genesis 3
Day 2: Job 1 and 2
Day 3: Ezekiel 28
Day 4: Luke 4 and 10
Day 5: Luke 22
Day 6: 1 Peter 5
Day 7: Revelation 12

Suggested Resources:


Luke for Everyone, by N.T. Wright
The Story of Luke, by Justo L. González
The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis