Steps of Faith

It’s one thing to know God’s will and another to do it! One of Jesus earliest disciples said, “I know the good I ought to do, but don’t do it. And the evil I shouldn’t do? Well, I just keep on doing it!” Can you relate? In part three of Walk This Way, we will explore the challenge and rewards of obedience, and how we can walk in it.

Passage (READ THEM)

  1. Whoever claims to live in him, must walk as Jesus did.” – 1 John 2:6
  2. Romans 7:15-25
  3. Romans 6 (small group conversation)

Principles (KNOW THEM):

  1. Man is a Spiritual Being expressing him/her self as a Soul through a Physical Body
  2. GoodLife
  3. “The Flesh” = Self
  4. Man’s basic problem: Sin has separated us from God and the LIFE He gives. (Romans 6:23)
  5. We become subject to the power of sin
  6. While we were still powerless, Christ died for us (Romans 5:6)
  7. We die with Him and He infuses His life in us. (Galatians 2:20)

Practices (DO THEM):

  1. Change directions (repent)! Accept the Life Jesus is offering you.
  2. Identify all the ways (good and bad) you are walking in the flesh.
  3. Make a commitment to walk like Jesus

Daily Readings:

Sunday: Romans 1
Monday: Romans 2
Tuesday: Romans 3
Wednesday: Romans 4
Thursday: Romans 5
Friday: Romans 6
Saturday: Romans 7