Song of Faith

Song of Faith

The table has become the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving celebration, and for good reason. Not only does the table (and the food on it) represent God’s provision, but scientists have discovered that the human mind attaches significant memories to the sense of smell and taste. As you eat, you are literally rehearsing memories associated with those tastes and smells. Remembering God’s faithfulness in the past is an antidote to fear of the future and helps build our faith. Join us for the final message in the Psalms of Thanksgiving series where we will consider Psalm 34 as we taste and see that the Lord is good.

Giving thanks helps us overcome fear and live by faith

David’s “Thanksgiving” tables:

Jesse’s Table (1 Samuel 16
. . . a table of humility, but David learned that God remembers.

Saul’s Table (1 Samuel 20
. . . a table of persecution, but David learned that God is mighty to save

The Priest’s Table (1 Samuel 21
. . . a table of desperation, but David learned that God provides.

David’s Table (1 Samuel 21
. . . a table of grace because David had learned that God is merciful.

The Lord’s Table (Psalm 23
. . . a table of abundance where David learned that God is enough

Daily Readings:

Day 1: 1 Samuel 16
Day 2: 1 Samuel 20 
Day 3: Psalm 28  
Day 4: 1 Samuel 21 
Day 5: Psalm 34 
Day 6: 2 Samuel 9 
Day 7: Psalm 23 

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