Just when you think it can’t get any worse… it usually does! The question is, how do you prepare for the unthinkable? The time to make preparations for a storm is when the weather is still calm. The time to prepare a ship for an emergency at sea is while it is still tied to the pier. Join us for a look at Acts 27 where Paul faces the perfect storm and shows how faith in Jesus can prepare us for the unexpected.

The key to surviving a storm is what you do while the waters are calm.

Four Essentials for “Storm Readiness”

  • Confidence in the Lord of the storm (Acts 27:20-26)
  • A Unified crew (Acts 27:27-32)
  • A healthy portion of encouragement and gratitude (Acts 27:33-36)
  • A realistic assessment of the circumstances (Acts 27:37-44)

Daily Readings:

Day 1: Romans 1-3
Day 2: Romans 4-6
Day 3: Romans 7-9
Day 4: Romans 10-12
Day 5: Romans 13-14
Day 6: Romans 15-16