Right in the Eye

Right in the Eye

The story of Samson:


Judges 13: The Birth of Samson
– Samson was chosen and set apart

Judges 14: Samson married a girl who was right in his own eyes
– Samson is impulsive and unteachable

Judges 15: Samson fought a war that is right in his own eyes
– Samson is selfish and vindictive

Judges 16: Samson lived a life that is right in his own eyes.
– Samson was blinded by his arrogance and sin

What we learn from Samson:

Doing what is “right in your own eyes” results in spiritual blindness and bondage

Two truths about sin:

  1. Sin is not simply violating our own conscience or personal or social standards
  2. Sin is deceptive

Reading Plan:

Day 1: Judges 13
Day 2: Judges 14-15
Day 3: Judges 16
Day 4: Romans 1
Day 5: Romans 2
Day 6: Romans 3