When Nazareth’s favorite son showed up to preach His first public sermon, He received a lot of support from the crowd. But Jesus quickly moved from hero to zero when His friends and neighbors threatened to kill Him for something He said. What turned Jesus’ hometown crowd against Him? Join us for part five of Inception to learn how embracing God’s mission challenges our preconceived notions and reveals hidden biases.

Passage (read it):

Principles (know them):

  • Racism is antithetical to the mission of God.
  • Racism is a consequence of sin.
  • The mission of Jesus and His church is for the benefit of the “others”.

Practices (do them):

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any hidden bias or racism in your heart and mind.
  • Confess your sin to God and begin the work of repentance.
  • Look for the “others” around you and join God in His mission of redeeming and restoring His creation.

Daily Readings:

Jesus’ mission to redeem the whole earth and people from “every tribe, nation, and tongue” was not “plan B” it was God’s intention from the beginning. This week’s daily readings highlight God’s universal mission to redeem all people. As you read look for evidence of God’s plan to redeem and rescue, not just the Israelites, but the nations.

Day 1: Genesis 11 and 12
Day 2: Exodus 9:13-16; 12:33-42; 19:4-6
Day 3: Psalm 46
Day 4: Jonah 1-4
Day 5: Isaiah 42
Day 6: Romans 9
Day 7: Revelation 5 and 7

Suggested Resources:


Bloodlines, by John Piper
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