Prison Break

Every transition in life requires a certain amount of change: when we finish school and start our career or move from single life to marriage or from a childless existence to parenthood. Nothing will ever be the same again. There is no turning back. And yet, old habits die hard. But if we are going to thrive through all the changes of life, we must embrace the sacrifice each new reality requires, be sensitive to God’s activity, and be totally dependent on Him. In the final message of the Breakout series, Pastor Gary Webber explores Acts 12 to discover the three requirements of a breakout faith.

Three requirements for a “breakout” faith:

Sacrifice (Acts 12:2-3; Acts 12:17; Luke 9:24)

Vigilance (Acts 12:6-9; Acts 12:13-16; Matthew 26:41)

Dependence (Acts 12:9-11; Acts 12:21-23)

Three questions to consider:

Are you sitting in a prison from which God has already set you free?

Are you praying for something God has already delivered?

Are you living in fear of a tyrant whom God has already defeated?

Daily Readings:

Day 1: Acts 12
Day 2: Genesis 39
Day 3: Genesis 40 & 41
Day 4: Mark 10
Day 5: Matthew 26
Day 6: John 21