Peter – Living in Denial

Peter – Living in Denial

Fear is a primal emotion. Our deepest convictions are often revealed when we come face to face with our greatest fears. The Apostle Peter is famous for his bravado and self-confidence, but when he faced the cross roads of fear and faith, Peter’s choice revealed the true condition of his heart. Join us for part three of Cross Roads as we explore how we can choose fear over faith.

Crossroad #3: Will you be directed by fear or faith?

  1. Fear is a primal emotion
  2. There are two kinds of fear: Fear of God and a spirit of fear.
  3. Fear of the world and faith in God exist in inverse proportion to one another.

Three kinds of convictions (Michael Novak):

  1. Public convictions
  2. Private convictions
  3. Core convictions

Background Passages: Mark 4:35-41 & Matthew 14:23-33

Peter at the Crossroads: John 18:15-18 & 25-27 

Questions to Consider:

What are your core convictions?

Are your core convictions based on fear or faith?

What are you afraid of and why?

How does your fear reveal a lack of faith in God?

What would you do differently if you were not afraid?

How does your fear create an opportunity to exercise faith?