Out of Place

Out of Place

God entered the world in the distressing disguise of a baby born to a refugee couple with no place to lay their heads. Most people in Jesus’ day missed Him. They couldn’t see Him for His distressing disguise. They expected a king with all the wealth and power of David, or a prophet who would come with the grandeur of Moses, or a priest who would practice all the religious eccentricities of Aaron. What they got instead was God on a cross, a most distressing disguise. Join us for week 4 of Christmas in Exile where we discover that Jesus still comes today in the most distressing disguises.


Matthew 25:31-46


To find Jesus we must look for Him in all His distressing disguises.


Keep your eyes and heart open.

Practice the Platinum Rule: Love one another as Jesus has loved you.

Have the mind of Christ.

Daily Readings:

Day 1: Hebrews 13
Day 2: Matthew 25
Day 3: Philippians 2
Day 4: John 1
Day 5: John 14
Day 6: John 15
Day 7:  1 John 2 & 3

Suggested Resources:

Welcoming the Stranger, by Matthew Soerens & Jenny Hwang
Undaunted, by Zoya Phan
From Every People and Nation, by J. Daniel Hays
The Music of Christmas, by Gary & Sheri Webber
Saving Christmas series (2019)