Out of Bethlehem

Out of Bethlehem

Forced to flee from Bethlehem in order to save Jesus’ life, Joseph and Mary once again pack their meager belongings to head into the unknown. Meanwhile, every mother left behind would weep for their murdered children and wonder how the angels’ promise of peace on earth could possibly be true. Join us for week three of Christmas in Exile where we explore how grief and loss are often magnified at Christmas time and how Jesus meets us in the sorrow.


Matthew 2


The power of the empire is overcome by the humility of the Kingdom.

Kingdom advancement requires peaceful resistance to the empire’s schemes.

Suffering persists in the empire but is overcome in the Kingdom.

Jesus delivers us from exile in the Empire to abundant life in the Kingdom.


  • Recognize the impact of the empire.
  • Resist the efforts of the empire.
  • Restore the exile.

Daily Readings:

Use this chronological reading of the Christmas story for your personal quiet time or with friends and/or family through Advent.

Day 1: Micah 5
Day 2: John 1
Day 3: John 7
Day 4: Luke 2:21-39
Day 5: Matthew 2:1-12
Day 6: Matthew 2:13-23
Day 7: Luke 2:39-52

Suggested Resources:

Welcoming the Stranger, by Matthew Soerens & Jenny Hwang
Undaunted, by Zoya Phan
From Every People and Nation, by J. Daniel Hays
The Music of Christmas, by Gary & Sheri Webber
Saving Christmas series (2019)