Genealogies are found throughout the Bible. Luke, being a good historian, included Jesus’ genealogy as part of his Gospel account. While these long lists of difficult to pronounce names are often overlooked in our Bible reading and study, it is important to understand why the Gospel writers and the early Christians thought they were so important. Join us for part three of Inception where we look at Jesus’ family tree to understand where Jesus comes from, who He is, and where He is going.  

Passage (read it):

Principles (know them):

Where Jesus is from: Jesus is fully human and fully divine.

Who Jesus is: Jesus is prophet, priest, and king.

Where Jesus is headed: Jesus is going to conquer death by death on the cross.

Practices (do them):

Place your faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior of the world.

Daily Readings:

Genealogies trace the origins of specific family lines. The Bible includes many of these lists, and while we may be tempted to view these passages as “fly over” material, they provide important historical records and help us understand the larger biblical narrative. This week you will read stories of some of the people listed in Jesus’ family tree. How do these stories affect your understanding of Jesus and His mission?

Day 1: Luke 3 & Matthew 1
Day 2: Genesis 21-22
Day 3: Genesis 38
Day 4: Joshua 2
Day 5: Ruth 1-2
Day 6: Ruth 3-4
Day 7:  1 Chronicles 3:5 & 2 Samuel 11

Suggested Resources:


Luke for Everyone, by N.T. Wright
The Story of Luke, by Justo L. González
Reunion, by Bruxy Cavey

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