Of Vines and Branches

Of Vines and Branches

Passage (read it):

Four Metaphors in John 15:

            The Fruit: Christ likeness

The Branches: Us

            The True Vine: Jesus

            The Vinedresser: God

Questions for you to consider:

  • How much fruit is being born in you?
  • What fruit do you lack that you need to ask God to produce in your life? (Circle all that apply)

love – joy – peace – patience – kindness –

goodness – faithfulness – gentleness – self-control

  • How will you actively remain IN the Vine?
    Intimacy with the Father (daily connection with God)
    Interaction with His Body (being a part of a community of believers)
    Integration of His Word (applying God’s Word to life)
  • What habits will you establish to ensure God’s Word remains IN you?
    – A systematic Bible reading plan
    – Memorizing Scripture
    – Attending a Grow Group