Of Pawns and Kings

Chess is often an analogy used for life. It can be especially useful when discussing politics. There are kings and pawns and pieced in between. The weaker pieces are seen as extendible and the stronger pieces are always sacrificed for the good of the king. However, throughout the pages of the Bible, we find God’s story turns the chessboard upside down. Pawns overthrowing kings and kings being played like pawns in the grand design of God’s plan. In part three of “Let Earth Receive Her King,” Pastor Gary Webber explores God’s unlikely strategy to use the kings of this world for His ultimate victory.

Exodus 9:15-16

God uses earthly kings to reveal His Power to the people of the earth

The Book of Daniel

The Tension between Submission & Defiance:

  • Believers are called to resist all forms of evil
  • Believers are called to submit to civil authorities

John 18:28-19:16

Evil is the unwilling instrument of grace

Surrender is the key to victory