Nicademus – Disciples by Day

Nicademus – Disciples by Day

The Christian faith is based entirely on a single event in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But what if no one had ever known about that event? What if the circumstances of Jesus’ burial had been different and His body hadn’t been laid in a tomb, but rather tossed in the city dump like so many other executed criminals? If there had been no tomb, no one could have known that a tomb was empty. The events surrounding Jesus’ burial reveals the faith of two individuals who had been secretly following Jesus. Through their willingness to step out of the shadows, we see the power of a public faith. Join us for the final message in the Cross Roads series as we look at the events of Jesus burial from John 19.

Crossroad #7: Will you keep your faith hidden or will you go public?

Nick and Joe at the Crossroads: John 19:28-42

Your public faith has the power to change someone’s private world.

Your public faith is a response to Jesus’ public shame.

Your public faith will cost you something.

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