Making Waves

Making Waves

It has been over 2,000 years since the earthly ministry of Jesus, and yet, He is still the single most well-known individual in human history. The enormous ripple effects of His life, death, and resurrection have washed over successive generations and have expanded across the planet. Join us for the final message in Ripple Effects where we explore how Jesus’ followers can continue to make waves for generations to come.

Passage (read it):

Principle (know it):

Sharing my faith in Jesus is the ripple effect of a deepening relationship with Him.

Practice (do it):

  1. Be obedient to God even when it doesn’t make sense. (GO into all the world)
  2. Be sensitive to what God is saying and where He is already working.
  3. Take the initiative to engage seekers in conversation.
  4. Meet people where they are, physically and spiritually.
  5. Answer questions that are being asked.
  6. Speak truth in clear and comprehensible ways.
  7. Take people deeper (baptized them)

Make a list of people who live in your wake.
Who among them doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus?
How can you engage them where they are?

Daily Readings:

The book of Acts is about the birth and growth of the church. This history recounts only a few of the thousands of lives that were changed as the message of the Gospel rapidly spread across the Roman Empire and beyond. As you read this week’s assigned chapters, pray for the boldness of the early disciples and invite the Holy Spirit to fall on our church that we may reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation.

Day 1: Acts 8
Day 2: Acts 9
Day 3: Acts 10
Day 4: Acts 11
Day 5: Acts 12
Day 6: Acts 13
Day 7: Acts 14

Suggested Resources:


What is Baptism?by R.C. Sproul 
I am a Church Member, by Thom Rainer 
Reunion, by Bruxy Cavey

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