If the World Hates You

If the World Hates You

Does the world hate you?

Jesus and his apostles all  ________  ______________  deaths.

– The Global Evangelism Movement reports people are ________________  for their faith every year.

– Aren’t we  ________________  because we are similar in so many ways?

Why does the world hate you?

To begin with, their  ______________  of us is not as good as our          ______________  of us.

– Other Americans often find our  “__________  ____  ______ ____________”  lacking.  

– Jesus’ coming  __________________  them of their sin.

Is this a “Clash of Cultures” only?

– This is not about  ______________________ .

– Christian views are not without  ________ .

– Being faithful to the  ________  ____  ____________  is not always easy.

How do we respond?

Have peace. (John 15:22-25)

– Don’t be the one to reject someone who is  ______________ __________________  through Jesus Christ.

– This is not a Muslim vs. Christian issue. This is a Christian  __________  issue.

Things to ask myself:

  • Who is the world?
  • Does the world hate me?
  • Does the world hate me due to my own shortcomings or because Christ is seen in me?
  • Ask His forgiveness and others and walk in 1 John 1:9.