Grave Clothes

Grave Clothes

When Jesus commanded that stone on his friend Lazarus’s tomb be removed, there were real concerns. Concerns about what was about to happen, concerns about Jesus’ claims becoming more and more extreme, but most of all, people were concern about the smell! Decaying corpses stink! The Bible says that Christ has come to raise the dead to life, but too often Christians live with the stink of death on them, bound by grave cloths that they are unwilling to shed. In part three of Raised to Life, we will consider what it means to be called from death to life and how this new life requires that we shed our grave cloths.

The miracle of salvation is instant, but the miracle of transformation takes time.

The miracle of salvation is solely the work of God, the miracle of transformation is a partnership

  • Between you and God
  • Within the Church (Philippians 2:12)

Jesus raises the dead to life, He expects the church to strip off their grave cloths.

Questions to Consider:

  • What grave clothes do you need to strip?
  • What in you life stinks of death?
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