Doubting God

Doubting God

What do you do when God is late? How do you understand a God who claims to love us, yet fails to respond to our pain? A person who has never questioned God is a person who has yet to face suffering. In this message, we explore how Jesus convinces us to trust Him enough to follow Him through a death that leads to life.

John 11:17-37

Martha: Questioning God’s Timing (11:21-27)

Jesus responds to Martha’s doubts about God’s timing with the truth about Himself.

When you are facing doubts about God’s timing, seek the truth about God, his character, His purpose and His ways.

Mary: Questioning God’s Motives (11:28-35)

Jesus responds to Mary’s doubts about God’s motives by sharing her grief.

When you are facing doubts about God’s motives, remember Jesus’ compassion

The Crowd: Questioning God’s Ability

Jesus respond’s to the crowd’s doubts with a demonstration of God’s power.

When you are facing doubts about God’s ability, remember all He’s done.


  • Are you fully trusting Jesus?
  • Are there events in your past that have caused you to doubt God’s timing, His motives, His ability?