Do You Care?

Do You Care?

Critics of religion often say that if there is a god, he cannot be both all-powerful and all-loving. An all-loving God would not allow the terrible suffering we see in the world, and an all-powerful God would surely be able to stop it. Therefore, God is either not all-powerful, not all-loving, or simply doesn’t exist at all. Join us for part two of Questioning Jesus as we hear His own disciples ask, “Jesus, don’t you care?”

Passage (read it):

The Disciples’ question for Jesus: Do You care?

Rebuking Jesus: Jesus is Lord of all Storms

Sleeping Jesus: God often allows the storms to rage

Questioning Jesus: Where is your faith?

Daily Readings:

This week’s daily Bible reading plan continues our journey through the minor prophets. Remember, the distinction between major and minor is not based on the importance of the prophet or his message, but rather on the length of the book.

Day 1: Jonah 1 – 4
Day 2: Micah 1 – 3
Day 3: Micah 4 – 7
Day 4: Nahum 1 – 3
Day 5: Habakkuk 1 – 3
Day 6: Zephaniah 1 – 3
Day 7: Haggai 1 – 2

Suggested Resources:


Where Is God When It Hurts, by Philip Yancey
The Problem of Pain, by C. S. Lewis
Experiencing Godby Henry Blackaby 
Luke for Everyoneby N.T. Wright
Be Concerned (the Minor Prophets), by Warren Wiersbe
Be Amazed (the Minor Prophets), by Warren Wiersbe