After preaching His first public sermon and performing a couple of miracles, word about Jesus spread throughout Galilee. He was just beginning to draw larger crowds when, after a time of solitude, Jesus suddenly announced that He was leaving for other towns. Join us for part six of Inception where we see the circumstances that led Jesus to leave His hometown in pursuit of God’s ultimate mission to save the world.

Passage (read it):

Principles (know them):

Who is Jesus? (Luke 4:31-44)

  • Teacher
  • Conqueror of evil
  • Healer
  • Proclaimer of Good News

What does Jesus want to do in and through me? (Matthew 9:35-10:1)

  • See with the eyes of Jesus
  • Feel with the heart of Jesus
  • Touch with the hands of Jesus

Practices (do them):

Stay focused on the centrality of the Gospel, the Good News of the Kingdom of God! It brings freedom from spiritual bondage!

Daily Readings:

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus occasionally instructs the people He heals not to tell anyone about the miracle they’d experienced. Bible students call this the “Messianic secret”. This week’s readings focus on some of these encounters and others where Jesus appeared to avoid crowds and public recognition. As you read each chapter, note the circumstances of each miracle, whether Jesus instructed the person to keep it a secret or not, why He may have wanted it to remain private, and what or whom Jesus may have been avoiding or trying to accomplish in the process.

Day 1: Luke 4
Day 2: Mark 1
Day 3: Mark 5
Day 4: Mark 6
Day 5: Mark 7
Day 6: Mark 8
Day 7: Matthew 6

Suggested Resources:


He Still Moves Stones, by Max Lucado

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Miracles, by Mark Scott
The Miracles of Jesus, by Mart De Haan
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