Dealing with other Humans

Dealing with other Humans

Part of what makes “humaning” so hard is that we have to do it with other humans. The world teaches that the best way to deal with other people is to respect their humanity by not doing to them what we wouldn’t want them to do to us. In fact, this is the basic principle of the modern justice system and our basic concept of human rights. But a world built solely on what we “don’t” do is not a very compassionate world. Jesus’ most radical instruction for being human is perhaps His simplest, most known, and yet most difficult command. Join us for part three of How to Be Human where we learn the secret of dealing with other humans.

Passage (read it):

Principles (know them):

Love is as love does.

Practices (do them):

Do to others as you would have them do to you. 
                                                                      – Luke 6:31 (NIV)
  1. Think of the best thing you can do for the worst person you know and do it for them.
  2. Think of what you’d really like someone to do for you and do it for them.
  3. Think of someone to whom you are tempted to be mean, and lavish generosity on them instead.

Daily Readings:

This week’s daily readings focus on Jesus’ essential commandment to love God and love people. As you read each passage, invite the Holy Spirit to convict you of any ways you are not living out this command. Pray for the faith and discernment to understand practical ways you express the Gospel through your acts of love and service to others.

Day 1: Luke 6
Day 2: Matthew 22
Day 3: John 13
Day 4: Philippians 2
Day 5: James 2
Day 6: 1 John 1-2
Day 7: 1 John 3-5

Suggested Resources:


The Most Loving Place in Town, by Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges
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What’s So Amazing About Grace, by Philip Yancey

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