The Bible begins with a description of God’s creation and man’s call to steward and care for it. So what does that mean for Christians today? What is the biblical view of creation and the environment? Throughout history people have, on the one hand, confused creation with the Creator, and on the other, ignored God’s call to care for the world He has given us. Join us for the first message in the Summer Psalms Mixtape where we will learn how creation is declaring the glory of the Creator and how we can best fulfill our purpose when we join the song of all creation.

Passages (READ THEM):

  1. Psalm 19
  2. Psalm 8 (small group)

Principles (KNOW THEM):

The Purpose of Creation (Psalm 19:1-6):

  • It points beyond itself and offers visible evidence of the invisible God

The Problem of Creation (Psalm 19:7-13):

  • It shows us the reality and power of God without His mercy and love.

The Promise of Creation (Psalm 19:14):

  • The One who created it will redeem it (and us).

Practices (DO THEM):

  1. Steward well but do not worship creation.
  2. Look for evidence of God in creation, and beyond it to the One who redeems it.
  3. Ask yourself: How do I see God in nature? How does nature reveal my need for a Savior?

Daily Readings:

Sunday: Psalm 8
Monday: Psalm 19
Tuesday: Psalm 33
Wednesday: Psalm 104
Thursday: Psalm 136
Friday: Psalm 139
Saturday: Psalm 147

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