Are You the One?

Are You the One?

A collaboration between the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board, Send Relief is here to help you make a difference in your community and the world around you—because compassion ministry opens doors to the gospel.

Passage (read it):

John’s Question for Jesus: Are you The One?

The motivation for the question: Suffering and Disappointment

Jesus’ answer to the question: I am

What does it mean? Do not allow shifting circumstances or fickle emotions to define Jesus, His will, or His ways. 

Daily Readings:

This week’s daily Bible reading plan continues our journey through the minor prophets. Remember, the distinction between major and minor is not based on the importance of the prophet or his message, but rather on the length of the book itself.

Day 1: Joel 1 – 2
Day 2: Joel 3
Day 3: Amos 1 – 2
Day 4: Amos 3 – 4
Day 5: Amos 5 – 6
Day 6: Amos 7 – 9
Day 7: Obadiah

Suggested Resources:


Experiencing Godby Henry Blackaby 
Luke for Everyoneby N.T. Wright
Be Concerned (the Minor Prophets), by Warren Wiersbe
Be Amazed (the Minor Prophets), by Warren Wiersbe