And Also, Some Women

And Also, Some Women

Ancient historical documents contain little information about or by women. Because of this, it can be difficult to develop an accurate picture of women throughout much of human history. One startling exception is the Bible which contains numerous pictures of women in the ancient world. Luke, a first-century physician and historian, was especially committed to recording the names and stories of women in the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. Join us for part four of Glass Ceilings where we consider the group of women who ministered with and to Jesus.

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Daily Readings:

In addition to the passages from this week’s sermon and small group discussion, you will also read passages that describe the exploitation of women. These passages are mainly descriptive, but clearly show God’s disdain for this sin. As you read, pray that the Body of Christ will recognize this ongoing cultural sin and work to end it through the message of the Gospel.

Day 1: Genesis 35
Day 2: Genesis 38
Day 3: Judges 19
Day 4: Judges 20
Day 5: Judges 21
Day 6: Esther 1
Day 7: Esther 2

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The Story Luke Tells, by Justo L. González
Luke for Everyone, by N.T. Wright
Developing Female Leaders, by Kadi Cole

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