A Woman’s Place

A Woman’s Place

How would you finish this statement, “A woman’s place is ______________”? Depending on when this is asked, who answers, and the culture in which the conversation takes place, there is no limit to the number of possible responses. But the very idea that there is a “place” for women is something Jesus challenged in one of His most revealing comments about women and their role in His movement. Join us for the final message in Glass Ceilings, where we see what happened when a woman entered the circle of Jesus’ male disciples.

Passage (read it):

Principle (know it):

We do not get to choose whom God may send to help and we cannot constrain those whom God may call to train.

Practice (do it):

  • Be a Mary (sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His teachings).
  • Be a Good Samaritan (put yourself in the shoes of the most desperate person you know and ask yourself, “what would I need someone to do for me?” and then do it!).

Daily Readings:

There are a lot of similarities between the story of Joseph (Genesis) and the story of Esther. Both endure great personal suffering and take incredible risks to join God in rescuing His people. In that regard, they both foreshadow the life of the Lord Jesus. As you read the story of Joseph, invite the Holy Spirit to give you the faith and perseverance to trust Him through any trials and hardships you may face.

Day 1: Genesis 37 & 39
Day 2: Genesis 40-41
Day 3: Genesis 42-43
Day 4: Genesis 44-45
Day 5: Genesis 46-47
Day 6: Genesis 48-49
Day 7: Genesis 50

Suggested Resources:


The Story Luke Tells, by Justo L. González
Luke for Everyone, by N.T. Wright
Developing Female Leaders, by Kadi Cole

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