A Fugitive and His Walking Stick

A Fugitive and His Walking Stick

When we look back on the life of Moses, we think of some of the most amazing events recorded in the Bible. We see him bravely leading the Israelites out of captivity, parting the Red Sea, walking down the mountain with the ten commandments. God used Moses to accomplish some BIG things, but it all started with Moses obeying one little command to lay down his walking stick. No big deal, right? Join us for the second message in The Little Things to learn how God makes much of the little things we surrender to Him.

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

Luke 16:10

Principle (KNOW):

  • Begin where you are with what you have 
  • “God wants us to know that when we have Him we have everything” A.W. Tozer  
  • God will make much of the little we surrender to Him.

Practice (DO):

Identify what God has already placed in your hand. 

  • What skills, education and experiences have you had? 
  • What is your greatest failure, disappointment, or hurt? 
  • Are you willing to lay them down for God’s use? 

Participate in the #LittleThings Challenge! Help us share the love of Jesus by performing 2,909 (number of COVID cases in NE Florida as of 6/1/2020) “little” acts of love by July 12. 

Daily Reading:

Identify the “little” thing in each daily reading that resulted in a BIG change. Was it good or bad? Ask God to help you apply the passage and its principle to your life. 

Day 1: Exodus 1-2
Day 2: Exodus 3
Day 3: Exodus 4
Day 4: Judges 6
Day 5: Judges 7
Day 6: Judges 8
Day 7: Judges 9

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