Sermons from June 2022

Paying the Price

Debts are never truly forgiven, they are always paid. A person with a debt is expected to repay that debt to the lender. If that lender “forgives” the debt, the debtor is only free because the lender has paid a price. Forgiveness always comes with a price tag. Join us for part two of Prodigals where we will explore the cost of forgiveness.  Passage: Luke 15:11-32 Principle: Forgiveness is ____________ to the person __________________ it.   Practice: ________  ________ and…

Lost Found and What Lies Between

Jesus was an incredible story teller. Perhaps His most famous story is that of a son who, after squandering his father’s fortune, returned home hoping to end his days as a servant in his father’s house. The story doesn’t end the way the young man planned. The father’s response is so shocking that this story continues to be told two-thousand years later. Join us for a three-part series exploring the story of the prodigal son, his prodigal father, and our Prodigal God.

Reverse Psychology

Have you ever tried to use reverse psychology on someone? Has anyone ever tried to use it on you? Changing someone’s mind can be the hardest thing to change. When Jesus described what it means to be His disciple, He was contradicting thousands of years of religious teachings. Still today, many who claim to follow Jesus haven’t fully embraced what it means to be His disciple. Join us for the final message of The Great Reversal where we will learn the difference between accompanying Jesus and following Him.