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There are places we want to go and places we must go. We want to go on vacation; we must go to the dentist. We want to go to the movies or a sporting event; we must go to school or work. Whether it is a “want to” or a “must” go place, technology allows us to type in the destination and our phones will tell us how to get there. That’s exactly how many of us approach prayer. We…

Feasting in the Valley

PASSAGE (read it): Psalm 23:4-5 PRINCIPLE (know it): The ________ is a place of ________ . PRACTICE (do it): Identify your valley, and allow God to lead you through it to the table He has prepared for you. Suggested Reading: 1 Samuel 17-24 A Tale of Three Kings, by Gene Edwards A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, by Philip Keller