"Matthew 13" Tagged Sermons

Come to Set Up God’s Kingdom

For some, the Gospel message is primarily about going to heaven when we die. While that is good news, it is not the best news. Jesus came to do much more than take us to heaven when we die; He came to set up God’s kingdom here and now. Join us for part five of 30 Words where we will learn about God’s Kingdom and how it gives us hope now and forever.

The Disciples’ Journey: Beginning

Jesus’ invitation to discipleship is a call to follow Him. While believing in Jesus is important, following Him is always the standard for a true disciple. In fact, the Bible does not leave room for believing in Jesus apart from obediently following Him. That sounds simple, but it is not easy. Join us for the first message in our year-long Journey to Discipleship. In this message, Pastor Gary Webber will share four responses to this simple invitation and cast vision for…