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Some people say we are living in the “age of skepticism.” From social media spin doctors to outright fake news, there are certainly many reasons to be skeptical. How do you distinguish those who use religion and faith to manipulate and mislead from those who are proclaiming the truth? This is not a new problem for the Church. From the very beginning of the Christian faith, there have been those who have distorted and perverted the teachings of Jesus. Jesus…

Come to Show Us God’s Love

God is love. There are very few people who would disagree with that statement, and even fewer who wouldn’t at least say they hope that is the case. But how do we know for sure? In part three of 30 Words, we will consider what it means that God is love and how Jesus came to prove it to us once and for all.

Love God Well

When we talk about love, we could mean a variety of things. For example, we say we love our family, and then declare that we love Italian food! Clearly, we do not mean the same thing. The Bible uses a variety of words to describe the various kinds of love we experience. John gave us the most basic definition when he said, “God is love”. Paul gave a longer definition that we often hear at weddings. Join us for part…