Sermons by Ron Gilliard

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Saving Christmas From Elvis

Blue Christmas isn’t just a song, it’s a reality for many people for whom the holidays stir up all kinds of sadness and depression. Two-thousand years ago, at the birth of Jesus, the angels declared “Peace on earth, good will to men on whom God’s favor rests.” So why are we more anxious and depressed than ever? And why does this seem especially true at this time of year? Join us for part four of Saving Christmas as we consider how Christmas is saving…

Our Response to the City

When the Apostle Paul went to Athens, he was entering one of the largest most influential cities of his time. As he looked around that impressive city, his heart was broken by the lostness of the people. But believing God had called him there to share the gospel, Paul engaged the philosophers and city leaders, challenging their world view and inviting them to rethink their concept of God. As our own city grows and changes, we must ask ourselves if we are prepared to approach Jacksonville the way Paul approached Athens. We…

If the World Hates You

Does the world hate you? – Jesus and his apostles all  ________  ______________  deaths. – The Global Evangelism Movement reports people are ________________  for their faith every year. – Aren’t we  ________________  because we are similar in so many ways? Why does the world hate you? – To begin with, their  ______________  of us is not as good as our          ______________  of us. – Other Americans often find our  “__________  ____  ______ ____________”  lacking.   – Jesus’ coming  __________________ …

Are We Listening?

You know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. The night is far gone; the day is at hand. Romans 13:11-12