Liberty and Justice for All?

Epilogue #1: Judges 19-21 Questions to consider from the book of Judges: Who or what has the greatest influence on you, the decisions you make, and how you determine what is right and wrong? Does the god you worship always agree with you? If so, have you crafted a “designer god”? How are your views on the value and sanctity of life consistent or inconsistent with the Bible? In your opinion, what are our “cultural blind spots,” and how can/should…

Designers gods

Epilogue #1: Judges 17-18 Three dangers of designer gods: It is impossible to have a personal relationship with a designer god. Designer gods are powerless to help you, or bless you, or save you. Designer gods are often passed from one generation to the next. Reading Plan: Day 1: Judges 17Day 2: Judges 18Day 3: Isaiah 29:11-24Day 4: Isaiah 6Day 5: Matthew 23-24Day 6: Revelation 1

Right in the Eye

The story of Samson: Judges 13 Judges 14 Judges 15 Judges 16 Summary: Judges 13: The Birth of Samson– Samson was chosen and set apart Judges 14: Samson married a girl who was right in his own eyes– Samson is impulsive and unteachable Judges 15: Samson fought a war that is right in his own eyes– Samson is selfish and vindictive Judges 16: Samson lived a life that is right in his own eyes.– Samson was blinded by his arrogance…

The Promise of a Child

The story of Sampson’s Parents: Judges 13 Reading Plan: Day 1: Psalm 139Day 2: Genesis 17, 18:1-15; 21:1-7Day 3: 1 Samuel 1Day 4: Luke 1-2Day 5: Judge 13-14Day 6: Judges 15-16

Personal Sacrifices

The story of Jepthah: Judges 10 Judges 11 Judges 12 Summary: Judges 10: Israel searches for a leader Judges 11: Jephthah’s victory and tragic sacrifice Judges 12: Israel’s downward spiral continues What we learn from Jephthah’s misguided sacrifice: Evaluate the cause of your suffering Evaluate the origins of your authority Evaluate the motivation for your sacrifice Reading Plan: Day 1: Judges 10Day 2: Judges 11-12Day 3: Judges 13Day 4: Judges 14Day 5: Judges 15Day 6: Judges 16

Succeeding to Fail

The story of Gideon: Judges 6-9 Judges 6 Judges 7 Judges 8 Judges 9 Summary: Judges 6: God calls Gideon Judges 7: God gives Gideon the victory Judges 8: Gideon’s downward spiral Judges 9: The sins of the father are visited on the son and on the nation What we learn about ourselves from Gideon: God does not work despite our weaknesses, but because of them. The point of your greatest success is the point of your greatest temptation. How…

Gender Wars

Passage (read it): Judges 4 Judges 5 Cast of Characters from Judges 4 and 5: Israel Deborah (Judge) Barak (general) Kenites Heber (husband) Jael (wife) Canaanites Jabin (king) Sisera (general) Principles (know them): The Bible attributes “gender wars” and the oppression of all people (especially women) to the effects of sin. (see Genesis 3) The Bible affirms the significance and value of Women (see John 4, 8, & 20) The Bible tells us that women are equal to, but not…

Three Men and an Oxgoad

God employs unlikely heroes, using unconventional resources, to accomplish unimaginable results. Jesus is the most unlikely hero of all. The cross is the most unconventional weapon of all. Jesus accomplished the most unimaginable result when He defeated sin and saved your souls. Daily Readings: Day 1: Numbers 13, Numbers 14Day 2: Joshua 14Day 3: Judges 1Day 4: Judges 3Day 5: Judges 4Day 6: Judges 5

No King

Passage: Judges 1 Judges 2 Principle: Unconquered sin will eventually conquer us. Moral decline is a downward spiral. God will not share the throne of your heart with anyone or anything. God will eventually hand you over to the master of your own choosing. We need a true Savior. Practice: Take some time to reflect on the following: Is there any area of my life where am I saying, “I can’t,” but God is saying “You won’t!” Contemplate every area…