Sermons on Philippians

Religious Skubala

The people of God are routinely warned against profanity. From Proverbs in the Old Testament, to the words of Jesus in the Gospels, and throughout the New Testament, believers are constantly warned about the dangers of an untamed tongue. So what could possibly have driven a man who wrote the majority of the books in our New Testament to cuss? Join us for part 6 of Losing My Religion where we look at one of the most provocative words recorded…

Selfless Service

Jesus modeled the kind of selfless service He called His disciples to practice. In fact, it was the selfless service of the early Christians that attracted the attention of the entire Roman world and led to the rapid growth of the first-century church. Join us for part two of Selfless where we will learn the secret to selfless service and why it is still essential for following Jesus. “When you serve more, you take less.When you give more, you need…

Seating Arrangements

PASSAGE (read it): Luke 14:11 PRINCIPLE (know it): The ________ is a place of ________ . PRACTICE (do it): Find a way to serve the needs of another this week. Give them the best seat at the table without thought or concern for your own place. Write your experiences down.