Sermons on Genesis

You Can Call Me Abe

Abram and Sarai set out for an unknown destination and after a lifetime of wondering, found themselves and God’s purpose for their lives. The process of discovering our identity in Christ is a life-long pursuit that requires faith in God through all the challenges of life. Join us for week 6 of What’s in a Name as we discuss God’s purpose for our lives.  Passage: Genesis 17 Principle: Process: God does in you what He wants to do through you. Caution: Delays in God’s promise never justify detours from God’s plan Outcome: The image…

You Can Call Me Jake

Jacob spent most of his life fighting to get what he felt was rightfully his. Then, one night, he met a foe he couldn’t defeat. Jacob’s wrestling match with God left him with a limp and a new name. Developing a durable faith requires us to engage in the tough battles. Through the intimacy and struggles that come with wrestling God in the discipleship process, we will also leave with a limp and a better understanding of our true identity in Jesus. Passage: Genesis 32 Daily Readings: This week we continue reading through the book of Isaiah.…

Love Your Family Well

“Family” is the laboratory where a child first learns what it means to be loved and how to love in return. Unfortunately, as a result of sin and brokenness, what we learn from our families is sometimes not the love described in the Bible, but a broken facsimile. To love our family well means breaking broken patterns of generational sin. That can only be done when we are willing to love with the kind of love Jesus showed us on…

What Can I Bring

PASSAGE (read it): John 12:1-3 PRINCIPLE (know it): The ________ is a place of ________ . PRACTICE (do it): Ask God what He would like you to bring to the table.
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